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About Acrylic Products Price

Concerning to the price, no doubt that it's the main issue that you pay attention to , here Ideal would like to introduce how we offer you :

1.Acrylic Materials depend 

the color & the thickness  , Generally speaking ,the Colored materials is a little expensive than Clear . And the thick materials is higher the thin.

the acrylic products price is based on the material

2.Production process

If the product is needed to make it by many handcraft , as well as that requested some accessories, the price should be added.

acrylic complicated handcraft cost more


If your quantity is small ,which also affected the price , and you should pay high Sea or Air freight .


The bigger size ,then higher price . And if the project is your new start , then we can suggest our size for u to save materials , and some size u required always have much waste.

Are you impressed?

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