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Customized & Design Acrylic Displays

We provide customized and design service. Our headquarter is in Shenzhen, which is called Capital of Design. With rich and innovative ideas, we have the profound and original view of the merchandising display marketing trends and know how to product them.

We have our own practiced designers and engineers which can realize different style of needs by different products. With advanced equipments and management methods, we can achieve different styles of products. 

Nowadays, brands are everywhere, how to give a unique impression to the customer is an important thing to each brand and company. We’ll help each customer to achieve it.

Cooperation with us is a simple and happy thing, and you just need 4 steps:

Step1: Call us, discuss, drawing and make a sample;

Step2: Confirmation & Payment;

Step3: Production;

Step4: Distribution.

Success Stories

custom acrylic displays

custom acrylic displays

If you haven’t any idea, don’t worry about it, just call us, we’ll be pleasure to help you out!

Are you impressed?

If so, why don’t you get in touch with us so we can talk about your projects.
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