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Acrylic Display Manufacturer


Our Mission

To provide B2B & trade show solutions with an expansive online visual catalog that will supply the tools to meet any visual merchandising needs.

Our History

IDEAL, a china professional acrylic display manufacturer. Began with a 3 people team since 2004.As a trade and manufacturing combined company , in the past years , our team and production capacity get a substantial upgrade.Now IDEAL exports acrylic display stands , acrylic display cases , acrylic gift and acrylic furniture all over the world . 

Our Vision

As business grew, Acrylic display manufacturer —IDEAL realized that there was a need in the marketplace for quality display merchandise that could be ordered easily , production and shipped quickly. Since then, we began to move to give customers more convenient and more satisfied and more efficient direction to efforts to make our products better for the display of merchandise  , so that customers get more value , simply put , allows customers'products sell better , in order to achieve these objectives , we have optimized the production process, packaging process , transportation process , etc.

Our Evolution

From the beginning, IDEAL's goal was "making the business easy;" streamlining the behind-the-scenes process so that clients could go from need to purchase to fulfillment in the least amount of time. The company's success is a testament to this focus, and of its value to customers.


Our Foundation

As a long term development company, IDEAL remains what it has always been: a company dedicated to making the business – from the largest multinational corporation to the single local buyer – easy.

Our Promise

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